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 We do NOT HANDLE DOG OR CAT issues.  
Wildlife Services That We Provide:

Bird Barrier Certified Installer
Raccoon Removal

Raccoon Removal

Removing Raccoons from attic or trapping Raccoons in Crawlspace is a job we know all too well! Our number one call or complaint is raccoons destroying property. When a raccoon is in your attic or crawlspace, a raccoon is not just looking around, a raccoon is tearing apart insulation, a raccoon damaging ductwork, and leaving behind his droppings to contaminate everything. Raccoons transmit diseases and parasites to people. If you suspect you have a raccoon in your attic or a raccoon in your crawlspace, DO NOT GO IN THERE. Stirring up the dust from raccoon droppings can cause microscopic parasite eggs to go airborn If you breath these in, you could contract raccoon roundworm disease, which if not treated promptly, is fatal. Racoons also carry rabies, distemper, and many other diseases.

Skunk Removal

Skunk Removal

Skunk removal or skunk trapping is another service we provide. Stinking up the neighborhood isn’t the only thing that skunks do. When skunks are looking for food, skunks tear up grass and landscaping. Skunks dig at the ground looking for worms and grubs to eat. The only solution is to trap skunks and remove skunks from the area. Skunks will burrow under your deck lattice, and skunks will dig under your porch. Sometimes skunks will use abandoned groundhog dens for their living quarters! To get rid of skunks, you must trap skunks and remove skunks from the property. Get Your Critters can remove skunks quickly and provide solutions to prevent skunks from returning in the future. Skunks transmit a variety of diseases, the most dangerous to humans is Rabies, however, they can infect pets with other diseases too.

Bat Closeup

Bat Removal

Another serious complaint is having bats in the attic. We are experts at Bat removal! Having Bats in the attic is a problem that can be very costly. Bats are not just hanging around, they are leaving guano in piles larger than you would ever expect.  We not only evict bats from the attic, but we prevent bats from getting into the attic in the future.  If you suspect you have bats in your attic, DO NOT GO IN THERE. If you inhale the dust from bat droppings, you could contract hystoplasmosis, a serious lung disease that can be fatal. A bite from a bat can transmit rabies, and you may get bitten without even knowing it. The CDC and your local health department advise that if you awaken to find a bat in your bedroom, or find a bat in a childs room where the child has been sleeping or playing, to contact your family physician immediately.

Squirrel Trapping

Squirrel Removal

When fall arrives, squirrel removal becomes an issue. Some things you should know about Squirrel trapping are: Squirrels get into your attic looking to nest. Squirrels chew on wiring, when squirrels chew on wiring they create a dangerous situations. Exposed wiring in the attic is a problem for service people in your attic, or at worst, a short could cause a fire. Squirrels destroy insulation when nesting. Squirrels can get into your ductwork where they then have access to your home. The solution is squirrel trapping, squirrel removal and then squirrel exclusion. We capture the squirrels that are entering your home. We remove the squirrels from your property. Then we exclude squirrels from getting into your home in the future. When this is accomplished, repairs to damage from squirrels can begin. Once completed, you can sleep well at night knowing your squirrel problem has been solved by Get Your Critters!

Mole Trapping

Mole Removal

Not all Nuisance Wildlife are in your home. We offer Mole removal from your yard: Moles in your yard destroy your lawn. Don't be fooled by lawn companies selling you grub treatments! Unless you have grubs, and you will know by the dead patches of grass, grub treatments don't affect the moles. Using mechanical traps are the only way to remove moles permanently. Our proven methods to trap moles and to remove moles from your yard are 99% effective in 1-2 days.  We trap all the moles in your yard and remove the moles permanently.

Groundhog Trapping

Groundhog Removal

When it comes to Groundhog removal, it's important to choose the Groundhog removal specialists. Groundhogs tunnels can undermine your foundation and cause your home to sink or crack. Groundhog removal is essential to the health of your home. After we remove the groundhog, we can prevent future groundhogs or other animals from taking over the groundhog dens. We can install dig under-ender perimeter fencing to STOP all animals that dig and get under your porch, deck, or shed. Groundhog removal is permanent with Get Your Critters!

Coyote Trapping

Coyote Removal

Coyote trapping is no longer a rural problem. Coyotes in the city are an increasing problem. Coyotes are not friendly and should never be approached or cornered. Although they look like dogs, coyotes are wild animals that have no place around your home. We can provide coyote trapping services - removing coyotes before they hurt a pet or loved one is the best solution.

Bird Removal

Bird Control

Birds roosting on your window ledges or chimneys leave droppings filled with parasites that cause serious illnesses. Canadian Geese removal is important. Canadian Geese are aggressive and leave their droppings everywhere to get tracked inside your home or business.  Get Your Critters has the solution for birds of all types, from pigeons to canadian geese.  

Removal of the Wildlife is just the Start!

Once the nuisance wildlife has been removed, repairing the damage they caused comes next. If it involves soffit repair, roofing repair, insulation removal, new insulation, electrical repair, installing digging animal stoppers, or any other remediation need, Get Your Critters is here to provide you with a COMPLETE and PERMANENT repair solution. Most homeowners insurance will cover remediation of any damage caused by wildlife, contact your agent to verify coverages.