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Some wildlife we deal with and the problems they can cause

Raccoons - Our number one complaint. Raccoons are destructive and removing raccoons from the attic or removing raccoons from the crawlspace is an urgent matter. Raccoons carry diseases and parasites that are deadly to people.
Moles - Moles can make your yard look like a mine field - Miniature bulldozers for sure. Mole removal is a specialty for Get Your Critters. We remove moles from your yard in just days. Chemical treatments for grubs WILL NOT STOP MOLES. Our trapping for moles WILL STOP MOLES.
Squirrels - Squirrels in your attic = potentially dangerous situation. Squirrels chew wires and cause severe damage to your home that can be extremely dangerous for you or service persons working in your attic. From the attic, squirrels can get into your walls and other inaccessible areas.
Bats - Bats are very helpful to control the insect population, but when bats use your home for their home, the outcome is rarely good. Bats in the attic leave droppings behind called guano. Bats in your home can also bring bat bugs - cousins of the bedbug that we hear so much about. If the bats leave on their own, the bat bugs do not and will seek out a human host to feed on. Removing bats from your attic, and conducting a thorough cleanout is essential.
Skunks - We all know a skunk when we see one or smell one. Skunks are destructive diggers and can turn a beautiful yard into a horrible landcape of divots. Skunks are also carriers of rabies and other diseases. We can remove skunks from your yard, we can remove skunks from under your porch or deck. We can provide solutions to keep skunks from digging up your property.
Groundhogs - Groundhogs are ready to dig up your property, tunneling up to 60' in a day. They can dig under your foundation and cause severe structural compromise. To get rid of groundhogs, contact Get Your Critters today!
Coyotes - Coyotes are members of the canine family, but they are not dogs and not friendly. Most coyotes are rarely seen, sneaking about under the cover of darkness, killing rabbits, chickens, and small pets. If you have a coyote problem and need coyote trapping services, call Get Your Critters soon.
Beavers - Beavers are hard workers. Beavers work hard to stop the flow of water, stopping natural and manmade drainage. Beavers cause flooding of farmlands. Destroying a beaver dam is only a temporary solution, within a day or two, the beavers will rebuild the dam and the flooding will continue. Trapping beavers and removing beavers is the only way to stop the problem.
Birds - There are many species of birds we can help to control. Pigeons, starlings, and Canadian Geese are just a few. Using inovative products from Bird Barrier and Canine Geese control, we can eliminate your bird problem quickly and provide long term solutions to prevent future infestations. We are Bird Barrier Trained and Certified Installers!